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“When we learned about all the advantages and the good that can be accomplished with a Fund at the Foundation, we didn’t hesitate.  We established our family fund to help children with special medical or psychological needs.

The money we invested in the fund continues to grow over the years, so that more can be done to help children with special needs.  It is as close to a perfect charitable investment as you can get.”Tom and Marilyn Collins 


To find out more about
how to establish a Fund at the Oxford Community Foundation, call
Catherine Hollins
or email


All Contributions made to the Oxford Community Foundation are deposited in funds managed by the Finance and Investment Committee of the Board of Directors.  Donors may direct their gifts to be unrestricted, to be used by the Board of Directors where the need is greatest, or donors may restrict their gifts to a particular field of interest.

Current Foundation field of interest funds:

Arts & Culture: Programs and facilities in the arts and cultural programs that offer widespread opportunities for participation and appreciation.

Beautification: The preservation, protection and enhancement of the beauty of the Greater Oxford area.

Civic Programs: Community development, citizen involvement, leadership training, and general community programs and projects.

Environment: Environmental education and activities to enhance, maintain, protect and preserve our natural and developed resources.

Education: Programs, projects, and scholarship in pre-school, elementary, secondary, post-secondary, and special education areas.

Health:  Good physical and mental health and quality of life for businesses, families, and individuals.

Recreation: Programs that provide a broad range of high quality dynamic recreational and educational experiences for all ages.

Social Service: Human services organizations, programs for children, youth, family and senior citizens.

Many donors have established their own named funds in the Foundation.  These funds are restricted to the specific purpose identified by the donor.

For more information about the Foundation funds, please contact Catherine Hollins, Executive Director, at 513-523-0623

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